To simplify pricing and offer the same value-added service, Crossroads Hostel Manila will now offer our PhP699/night per guest on a daily basis. Security Deposit is not yet included in the rate and can be remitted upon checking in.
Only paid reservations will be honored as reserved and all other guests can do the same by paying promo rates using Online Travel Agencies such as Expedia,, and Traveloka.
The rate adjustment will help Crossroads Hostel Manila provide the same type of service and hospitality only we know how in this area — at least.
To make a reservations, we ask you to see us first using our Facebook Page and book thru our message box. We will reply and answer more of your questions as it comes.
We’re now launching the new pricing and will continue to honor paid up bookings prior to the launching of  this new policy.
If you want to talk to us, call us or SMS us at +63 (920) 959.5747.


Our lockers are big enough to store carry on luggage but please do not store food inside.

We want our guests to feel more safe. We want them to leave this place happy and more secure.
Please use our lockers. It’s free to use. There’s no rent to pay.
What to put inside?
Our lockers are located outside rooms and they’re sturdy and tough. You just need to buy yourself a padlock to use it.
Put your wallets, your gadgets, your laptops, some of your clothes, cash, jewelry, and other valuables you prize, however, please do not put liquid, food stuff, and other goods that ants would attack.
Trust but…
A poem: Friends inside this hostel you will meet but in all the travels you do, especially if you have limited resources, please keep a safer distance if you know what we mean.
Hostel Policy
Know that in a budget place like this, we are not insured to cover your lost items so know that you are sole responsible for the things you own and keep. Keep strangers as friends but keep those who come closer be on a watch list. Trust but never trust TOO MUCH.
While we want to raise concerns about safety and security, please do have fun but all we want to convey is to be responsible always. The journey of life is still long and more adventures wait for those who avoid being wrong.


Security Deposit is important when you check in to any hostels here in The Philippines.

No payment, we just hold the amount until you check out.
We hold them in trust so that there’s a minimal payment in our care in case guests break something while they are staying in the property.
We don’t consider it as a sale.
It’s just there for to guarantee that there’s a parity between the guest and the property to make sure the use of amenities are within order.
This guide will show the allowance each guest must prepare for Security Deposit when they check in:
Per Guest – PhP500 (roughly 8.50 Euros, 65 Yuan, US$10, 7.50 UK Pounds) *used to be PhP1,000
Individual guests
1 – 6 nights stay = PhP500/guest
7 – 12 nights stay = PhP1,000/guest
13 – 18 nights stay = PhP1,500/guest
19 nights or more = PhP2,000/guest
Group (four+)
1 – 6 nights stay = PhP2000/Group
7 – 18 nights stay = PhP5000/Group
19 nights or more = PhP8,000/Group
Guests are equally responsible to get back their security deposits but we would gladly deposit it to their bank accounts should in the midst of confusion, it wasn’t returned. We always work for the benefit of all our guests.
Policies may change without prior notice as blogs may be old but know we’ll be fair and equitable.
Should you have questions regarding this, call us at +63 937 378 0400.