What is a Hostel?


Hostels are an affordable and practical place to stay for all types of travelers.

Hostels have been around in the 1900s. It started in Germany according to Wikipedia and it was made for youngsters — the youth. Because of it’s natural location, it’s intention was to give the youth the better air to breathe and allow them to learn responsibility as each one travels from one place to another in their country.

Such an accommodation evolved to what we know now as hostels — a budget place for all types of travelers looking for something — that are cost-efficient and does the job as travelers do their business and activities in location of destinations.

Before, hotels and motels as the norm for local and foreign travelers but today the affordable and on-budget feature of hostels make it the most attractive place to save up more money for budget-conscious tourists and business travelers alike. Hostels in the  urban places are lean in numbers but hostel spots are fast growing in provinces where tourism is thriving.

Crossroads Hostel Manila is one of those urban hostels where it’s location is functional and fun. Fun places surround the hostel for all your recreational needs and entertainment make choosing this hostel worth every peso you invest for yourself. For one, the MRT train station is only 150 meters away. That gives you mobility to go to and from the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (MNL). It’s also just minutes away from hall spaces where trade shows and conferences happen. The SM Megatrade Halls are located inside the biggest mall in the country, SM Megamall (500 meters from hostel). Lastly, there are coffee shops, a fitness place, a wall climbing space and trampoline center all within 5 minutes walking distance.

The hostel offers 30 beds inside six different rooms and each guest gets complimentary continental breakfast, access to fast internet connection, and heated showers for your relaxation.

Hostels come in a variety of themes and make. There are social hostels, youth hostels, and even party hostels. This makes staying in hostels more than just a different experience but a smart one as well because you reach your objective in saving up more on your budget but you also get to meet more people like tourists, network with fellow professionals that will expand your horizons better than other properties that are more costly and impractical during bad economic times.

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