Come on in and rest here
Come on in and rest here

To my fellow (2019) Filipinos, hostels are a new concept, even unknown, but to experienced ones and backpackers — we’re simply a hostel.

We’re a destination for travelers, Backpackers to be exact. Shared accommodation are who who are and budget travelers love us for saving them more money.

Like any other hostels, our goal is to retain money in your budget because the set up allows you to rent the bed and the number of nights you stay in. You get complimentary continental breakfast every morning at 7 am and get to meet fellow travelers (professionals!) who are on the same mission as you. You save more money this way so you can spend it elsewhere.

We offer comfortable (not ‘uberly’ expensive) beds complete with a pillow, a blanket to keep you warm, a reading light, and a towel on each bed. All beds are placed in air-conditioned rooms and all rooms are situated close to the main entrance. We have a spacious dining and lounge area with six bedrooms and the smallest room has four beds in it.

Aside from the free continental breakfast, perks include free use of 50mbps wifi Internet connectivity, Cable television, laundry facilities (serviced out), Baggage room facilities, heated showers, and use of lockers (free!). The train, bus, and taxi hub facilities are about one hundred steps away and by arrangement we can provide you with Airport Shuttle services. We also have an in-house Convenience Store for your simple grocery finds.

Our staff will always be there to help you with all your needs. They can assist you with our in-house laundry facility and even cook fresh meals for you as you buy them in a nearby grocery or fresh produce market.

So relax and enjoy the savings, safety, and convenience you will get when you check in and enjoy the adventures as you wander the fun stuff in The Philippines.

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  1. kim mark gonzales says:

    Good day. I just wanna ask if how much would be the rate if i checked in for 12/24 hours. On augusy 24th. And its only 2 of us, were like gonna be staying for the night and leaving tomorrow morning or afternoon. Also long wud it also take from sm megamall. Thank you for ur time. Please do reply.

    1. kim mark gonzales says:

      And im calling ur mobile contact. Nd ko po ma.reach.

      1. krisatienza says:

        Hi Kim. Sorry for the delayed reply. We only charge one rate, PhP600/night if you decide to walk in without making online booking/reservations. Whether you stay in for one hour or 22 hours, your rate is just one.
        Thanks for asking and have a safe week despite this non-stop rains.

    2. krisatienza says:

      We only have one rate and that rate is for one night. We also do weekly terms and monthly terms, which gives out the best rate.
      Check us out at http://bit.ly/manilahostel.

  2. kim mark gonzales says:

    Goodmorning sir.
    Ill be cancelling our reservation on saturday, august 24, 2013. Cause the flight of my cousin is moved by next week due to typhoon maring.
    Hoping for kind consideration.

    1. krisatienza says:

      Please cancel your reservations through booking.com. Thanks.

  3. diem says:

    Hi. Do you have a room for couples? If yes, how much is the rate? thanks

    1. krisatienza says:

      The smallest dorm we have is good for four people but we have thirty beds and six rooms in all, you might just get lucky by booking on a date when there’s not a lot of guests. When do you plan to book?

  4. Russel says:

    Hi crossroads, i have sent thru email an electronic copy of agoda.com voucher for a confirmed booking. Would it be OK if i wont print it on paper? Would the e-copy enough upon check-in? thanks

    1. krisatienza says:

      Hi Russel, sorry for getting back with you only now. 😦
      For future reference, check us on Facebook.com/crossroadshostelmanila — we usually hang out there. Join us! 🙂
      Thank you once again for trying to contact us. We’ll do better next time.

  5. Alvin says:

    Hi. I reserved for 6 nights starting on nov 26 to december 1. At what day can i check in? And is there any curfew hours there? Thank you

    1. krisatienza says:

      Hi Alvin. I hope we’re not yet late with our reply. You can check in at any time since you have made a reservation. There are curfews in place for your protection but we can provide you keys to use if you need to be home later than 10 PM. Just have the utmost care for yourself.

  6. Justine Munez says:

    Hello! Do you have the cheapest beds on April 6-7? How much? thanks

    1. krisatienza says:

      Click this link: http://bit.ly/manilahostel and you’ll be directed to our page to inquire for the best rates we can offer.

  7. Vanessa says:

    Hello! Please, inform me if you have 24 hour reception service for checing in.

    1. krisatienza says:

      Hi Vanessa. We only have a 6am – 9pm reception service, however, we make arrangements with guests and you can do so when you check in or when you check out. So, yes, please don’t look at it as a burden. We’ll gladly open our doors for you.


  8. Vanessa says:

    Hi! I would like to confirm my reservation and payment made to Agoda on May 01st. Please could you send me your email address? So I will be able to send you my booking details.

  9. Le Regente says:

    Hi, I just want to ask if how much im going to pay if im going to stay for 2 to 3 days. Im going back to the Philippines this coming Julay 11. Pls answer, thank you.

  10. Le Regente says:

    I got your number anyway, so that I can call after I drop in naia on July 11, by the way Pls reply on my email, thank you.

    1. krisatienza says:

      I saw your post again. Sorry for this but thank you for still considering us when you visited Crossroads Hostel Manila back in July.

  11. Jen says:

    I already inquired via Twitter. Kindly reply. Thanks

  12. james says:

    hi there, can i get your official contact number, i would like to inquire and talk to you personally. the 3 of us might stay there for our convention in galleria. hoping for a favorable response. my number: 09175471054. thanks

    1. krisatienza says:

      We just sent you a SMS message. Thanks.

  13. Joel says:

    Hello po, can you please send me the direction how to get your place, I’ll be I’m leaving here in the US on May 27, maybe 28 nandyan na ako, i need to know exact location, from Airport.
    Joel Reyes

    1. krisatienza says:

      Hi Joel. Sorry we’re late in answering your comment here but for future reference, check this link out: https://crossroadshostelmanila.com/travel-directions/by-bus-train/
      You will be happy to know that you need PhP50 to get here (one way) and that’s best when you follow our instructions taking the bus shuttle from the airport and taking the train (MRT) from EDSA in Pasay.
      If you have more questions, we’re available at https://www.facebook.com/crossroadshostelmanila
      Thanks! – Kris

  14. nicole catbagan says:

    hi available ba kayo ng august 29 to 30? pls send me a message here’s my # 09773019809

    1. krisatienza says:

      Hi Nicole. Get in touch with us at +639189590817 for more information. Thanks.

  15. Hi!~ I’m Princess. Will be checking in later at 12MN. I hope you guys are open.

    1. krisatienza says:

      Hi Princess. Too late the hero, like almost three (3) years ago. So sorry. We hope to have you with us soon again.

  16. Uli from Germany says:

    Hi Kris,
    here i am ULI….I come back end of June 27. to Manila, you have a bed for 3 night’s, not upper bad lower bad is good for old men….??? Greeting Uli

    PS: please use my email ukreppen@web.de for request

    1. krisatienza says:

      I hope all is well Uli. Thanks.

  17. louise says:

    Hi. I just want to ask how much would it cost me to stay for a day or two? Thanks!!!!

    1. krisatienza says:

      Hi there and thank you for reaching out.

      We count the nights you stay. It’s PhP599/night/guest on Weekdays and PhP699/night/guest on Weekends.

      Weekends are Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

      Check in times are 2pm daily and check out times are 12nn daily.

      Catch us on Facebook too on our FB Page at fb.com/crossroadshostelmanila! Send us a message and we’ll reply promptly.

      You can also SMS us at +639375094937.


  18. Joel Reyes says:

    I love this Place, very convenient very close to my appointment around the area, I was here booked for 5days, and I just used 1 night only, I didn’t ask my refund because its very affordable to anybody.
    When I come back to Philippines, I will get the whole room for myself.
    Thank you for your service to the travelers, and more power to you all the Management.

  19. C says:

    I might arrive at around 9pm. Is someone going to be able to let me in? I cannot predict traffic from the airport. I read somewhere that someone arrived around midnight and was not notified that reception won’t be manned. I intend to book for 1 week but might need to go to the bank following day in order to get additional cash to make the full payment. Is this ok? How much do you charge for a taxi or shuttle pick-up from airport. Thanks.

    1. krisatienza says:

      You can make an arrangement with our staff Ana. You can definitely make an arrangement with us. Please converse with us using WhatsApp +639209595747. My name is Kristoffer. I’ll eventually ask my staff Ana to help you when you Check In.

  20. Ces says:

    Hello. I can’t finalize my booking as I need some questions to be answered first. Will it be a problem if I arrived around 9pm on a Friday? My cash will not be enough to make a full payment upon check-in. I need to go to the bank the following day to get cash. Will this be a problem? If I choose taxi/shuttle pick-up and later change my mind, will I be billed for this? Approximately how much will pick-up cost? Thank you. Ces

    1. krisatienza says:

      You can definitely arrive after 9pm. We only have two requirements: (1) You have to have paid reservations. You can do that thru booking.com –> bit.ly/hostelmanila and (2) We need to know your arrival details at your port of entry if you’re flying in or using a ferry. We can talk more using WhatsApp +639209595747

  21. Ces says:

    Thank you Kris! Pls clarify the fine print on booking.com : “Credit card will be used for guarantee purposes only. When settling the bill, the hotel will accept cash only. The full amount of the reservation must be paid when checking in.” How do you make paid reservation as per your previous reply? I plan to book 7 days. Does it mean I have to pay entire amount before arrival? Sorry, I am unable to install WhatsApp on my mobile for some reason. I only have viber. Does Crossroads have email address?

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