Crossroads Hostel: Metro Manila’s Top 10 Hostel

screenshot_20181016-120409_chrome5348902135018212013.jpgWe made the Top 10 list and we’re grateful!

Grateful for the many people who have stayed with us and affirmed our resolve to make hosteling experience one of the best in meeting new people and new experiences.

Traveling Lifestyle featured Crossroads Hostel Manila to be one of Metro Manila’s top 10 hostels for 2018. The website described Crossroads as a perfect place for backpackers “who have been away from home for quite some time” and in need of more relaxation and more me-time. Crossroads has received the reputation of being a business hostel because it receives 44% travelers who visited this place for business reasons. Others who traveled (22%) said they were here for personal reasons.

Screen Shot 2018-10-16 at 11.33.09 AMWe’re sharing this distinction because we want more and more people to know that hosteling is one of the smartest things to ever happen in this modern times we’re in and we invite you to join a growing number of people who more and more appreciate smart traveling by living in hostels to help them with their budget.

Note: If our memory serves us right, Wiktor Vicenj, the author, visited our hostel unannounced. He lived among the many guests and left as soon as his ‘mission’ was done. The magazine contacted us back in July to inform us about this feature and we’re grateful for giving us the focus in spreading the word that The Philippines is a place for a growing population of backpackers and digital nomads.

Traveling Lifestyle write useful content for long-term travelers looking for places to stay around the world. It’s major readers are from the United States, Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, and India.

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