Boracay Soft Opens Today!

BORACAY opened today with many employees and business owners started flocking into the world-renowned island to pick up the pieces and start preparing for the business opening this 26th October.

Business owners, residents, and employees of Boracay return to the island to perform 11-days of orientation and training by the government before the official opening on the 26th of October.

Only 68 businesses were allowed to operate that will offer 3,519 rooms to any visitor wanting to experience the powdery sand beaches of the tourist destination but the government will impose strict provisions that will preserve the natural environment. Only 55,000 thousand people are allowed to stay in Boracay — including residents, establishment staff, and employees — which means stricter trafficking of guests wanting to book into many hostels and properties lining up the beaches. 6,000 tourists will be only allowed in Boracay per day when it opens. You can check the list of Establishments Boracay allowed open when it opens to be public next week.

Boracay was closed on 26th April and the government made good of its promise to re-open 6 months later.

Welcome back Boracay!

Featured photo by ABS-CBN News
Video by PhilStar

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