Crossroads Hostel is Closed for the Christmas and New Year Holidays

To give way to our staff and our hostel a deserving rest for the new year, we’re closing our doors starting Saturday, December 23rd until Monday, 1st January 2018.

Every year, we use this time to clean our hostel from top to bottom and preparing for the new year and to give our hardworking staff the rest they deserve.

December is a slow month for us but surprisingly, we got a good share of guests in the first week and it helped us a bit offset a very challenging year. We don’t mind. A blessing is a blessing and we’ll take anything to bring our message of service and commitment ’til the new year, 2018.

We’ll be open still to accommodate guests around these dates: Up to Friday, Dec 22 and between Tuesday, December 26 up to Saturday, December 30th but it has to be walk in guests and check ins are still up to 8pm only.

CLOSED FOR BUSINESS: December 23rd, 24th and 25th and December 30th, 31st, January 1st 2018.

Thank you all for making our hostel an insightful one. We will remember 2017 where challenges abound but we always hope and persevere because there’s a BIGGER HOPE more than we can all imagine.

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