CHM Honors Government Workers

Government workers in our country need more help. Find out what Crossroads Hostel Manila went all out for in initiating this benefit to them for their unyielding service to our countrymen all over.

Veterans, Seniors get Incentive

We’re celebrating our second-year anniversary announcing more incentives extended to people who can benefit from the services we offer. Read more.

Crossroads Hostel Manila: a Flood of Convenience

“Location is every thing,” people say but in this season of unpredictable weather, you may really want to consider staying with us. We take great pride in why ‘Crossroads’ should be your next place of stay in the Metro.

Crossroads Hostel Manila Partners With Globe

Crossroads Hostel Manila Co. Ltd. recently signed up Globe to help improve its customer service. Read more what this new feature will mean not just for the hostel but for all travelers coming to this side of The Philippines.

Crossroads Honor Handicapped Persons

Guess what Crossroads Hostel Manila did to honor all Persons with Disabilities or PWDs in the country. This incentive will not only provide help to all PWD travelers but also give them that much credit as important nation builders of this country. Read more.

Crossroads Hostel Manila is Every Traveller’s Advantage

If you’re planning to visit Manila, Philippines soon, there’s an undiscovered place that you can go to where you can start your adventure. Read more on how you can take advantage of it and know why we’re the littlest but fastest growing hostel in the country.