Long-Term Rent, now Possible at CHM

Planning for a longer stay in Metro Manila but have a limited budget? Crossroads Hostel Manila will give your budget longer-life as it now offers long-term contracts to every one including bed-spacers. This is our way of helping the community and businesses who have official duties in this region. Read here for more information.

Why choose Crossroads Hostel Manila: Location

Choosing the right property is key in building your business. We don’t have any illusions that we’ll be better than a Marriot, a Four Season, or even a Best Western, but Crossroads Hostel Manila can offer our budget-conscious travelers the comforts without the uncomfortable tag price. Read more why our location is key for you to choose us in your next travel.

CHM Helps Stranded Commuters

Stay warm, dry, and secure, if you ever get stranded going home after work. Read more here on how you can remain in the comforts of your second home here at Crossroads Hostel Manila.


Do you have questions regarding our program? No problem! Here are questions you might ask: What is CHM Bulk? It’s a prepaid program intended to help businesses and organisations save more money by offering low-priced per night accommodations at Crossroads Hostel Manila. Who will benefit? Businesses and organisations who can pay for any of the…

Introducing CHM Bulk

If you are looking for a better deal to house your staff and employees in Metro Manila to attend important meetings, events, and conferences then look no further and enjoy the privileges of getting CHM Bulk for your personnel. Read more here how it works.