Why Backpack in The Philippines

What better way to impart the message of what a backpacker hostel is than to actually allow more people to experience what backpacking is all about in this country.
Crossroads Hostel Manila is now offering package tours to different parts of the country from very interesting places to bucket-list places that one should go to before they pass this earth.

Let your feet do the talking
Let your feet do the talking

What is Backpacking?
Backpacking is your old fashioned way of getting around places and it’s practiced by more and more people around the world because the experience is nothing like luxury and you get to meet people and do stuff that other packages would offer that is not what you’d expect from locals who can give you the feel and experience you will never get by getting on more expensive tours that offer bus trips, boat tours, and plane rides. Backpacking is touring countryside while immersing yourself with the culture and vibrant lives of locals living in those places.
Is it expensive?
It costs to get around, however, you can be sure that these rates are much lower compared to the one offered by big, established tour agencies. What’s the goal of these lower rates? To get you around faster without cutting quality and safety. You still get the same 4×4 rides you get from others, same boats, same buses, same tents — it’s just easier to reach.
Can I customize my trips?
You bet! In fact, you and your friends can design your own trips, do your own destination, at the dates you want. It’s that simple for as long as you can organize seven-member barkadas and more.
How much is the cost to designing my own tours?
PhP2,000 for Day trips and PhP3,500 for overnight to two day trips. The cost goes higher depending on how many sites you want to visit.
When should I time our trips?
The best time to get around is between January – May and between November to December depending on the weather situations of course.

We have three places you can try to visit this year and we’re sure you are gonna have a lot of fun. Please email us if you have questions or even call us at +63 (2) 984-9844. Please try calling us Manila time if in case you’re reading this from another country.

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