2014 Valentine’s 5-day Trip to Sagada

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At the heart of the Central Cordillera Mountain Range is the highland sanctuary called Sagada. Perched on verdant mountains and hills with limestone rock formation providing spectacular backdrop, Sagada is an idyllic and a must-visit destination that a tired, weary soul can find seclusion and rejuvenation.

Primary Destinations:
Cave Connection: Lumiang Burial Cave-Sumaguing Cave
Bomod-ok Falls / Big Falls
Bokong Falls / Small Falls
Kiltepan Peak
Echo Valley
Hanging Coffins
St. Mary the Virgin Church
Centennial Bell
Banaue Rice Terraces

3-day, 2-night accommodation in a pension house or lodge in Sagada
Round-trip Manila-Banaue-Manila air-con bus
Round-trip Banaue-Sagada-Banaue private jeep
Day 1 lunch; Day 2 breakfast and lunch; Day 3 breakfast
Services of tour coordinator and local guides
Entrance and registration fees
Travel insurance
Souvenir shirt

Group Rate: P5,000/head (Exclusive group starts at min. six (6) backpackers)
Note: Payment is non refundable but transferable.

Terms of Payment:
• 100%  Payment upon within seven days of reservation; Cancelled after that
90% Refundable 30 days (or more) prior date of travel
50% Refundable 15 days prior date of travel
Non-Refundable 14 days prior date of travel

Payment Method:
Branch: Serendra-Fort
Account Name: Kristoffer Atienza
Account Number: 0829 035 871
Account Type: Savings

Branch: Libertad-Mandaluyong
Account Name: Kristoffer Atienza
Account Number: 693 800 00 93
Account Type: Current

Things To Bring:
Personal toiletries
Digital cameras (point and shoot or DSLR)
Extra batteries and memory cards
Camera accessories
Aqua shoes
Sunblock / sunscreen lotion
Dry bag
Sweatshirt / jacket / windbreaker
Trekking/hiking shoes/sandals
Arm sleeves
Cap / sunvisor / hat
Bug repellant

Suggested Itinerary:

Feb 13:
2100 – Assembly at the bus station
2200 – ETD Manila

Feb 14:
0600 – ETA Banaue; breakfast
0730 – ETD Banaue; stop at Banaue Viewpoints
1130 – ETA Sagada; check in
1200 – Lunch
1300 – Cave Connection: Lumiang Burial Cave & Sumaguing Cave
1700 – End of Cave Connection
1730 – Check in, wash up
1900 – Dinner
2000 – Check in

Feb 15:
0700 – Breakfast
0800 – ETD Sagada
0815 – ETA Bokong Falls Jump Off Point
0825 – ETA Bokong Falls
0845 – ETD Bokong Falls
0900 – ETA/ETD Bokong Falls Jump Off Point
0915 – ETA Bomod-ok Falls Jump Off Point; registration
0925 – ETD Bomod-ok Falls Jump Off Point
1030 – ETA Bomod-ok Falls
1200 – ETD Bomod-ok Falls
1330 – ETA pick up point
1400 – ETA Sagada; lunch
1500 – Wash up; siesta
1630 – Lake Danum; wait for sunset
1830 – Dinner

Feb 16:
0445 – Wake up call
0500 – ETD Sagada
0530 – ETA Kiltepan Peak; sunrise watching
0700 – Sight-seeing: Echo Valley, Hanging Coffins, Church of Saint Mary the Virgin, Centennial Bell
0800 – Pasalubong shopping
0900 – Breakfast
1100 – Check out; ETD Sagada
1500 – ETA Banaue; free time
1800 – ETD Banaue

Feb 17:
0430 – ETA Manila (bus station)
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