New Properties: Bigger, More Privacy

Three new properties for guests traveling to Metro Manila who need more privacy than what hostels can offer. Check out our Bed and Breakfast accommodations at the heart of Metro Manila!

Why Backpack in The Philippines

After your yearly beach trips, then what? Find out more what you can get out of backpacking more than your regular tourist trips to white-sand beaches and why it’s more fun.

Day Trips to Mt. Pinatubo now Available

2014 may be the perfect time to do this once in a lifetime trip if you haven’t been to Mt. Pinatubo. Gain more understanding and appreciate the powerful volcano that once cooled global climate.

2014 Valentine’s 5-day Trip to Sagada

One of the most popular and must-see destinations in The Philippines. Discover and experience what you’re missing and tell your friends abroad, “I’ve been to Sagada!”