300 Pesos is Made More Valuable

(Editor’s Note: THIS PROMO HAS BEEN SUSPENDED. The management has deemed it necessary. Please read here the details.)

Mandaluyong is not your typical city to have a hostel for Backpackers to go to – not yet, at least. Visitors start their adventure just to get here. The place is farther north than more popular Hostels in the Metropolitan area, Manila. But if you think about the thrill, your sensibilities, and the adventure of a lifetime then Crossroads Hostel Manila is your prime choice.

Our location is only a minute walk away from the Metro Rail Transit (MRT) and seconds away from local street food fair along the busy and bustling neighborhood of Mandaluyong. We’re located at the heart of a very busy intersection – a transportation Hub – where North, South, East, and West traffic main arteries converge. The diversity of people, the culture, and the variety of places you can go to is better than most Hostel locations dare to be.

The wet market is only three hundred steps away – shorter if you’re taller than five feet eight inches tall. The famous Philippine Jeepney plies right in front of our Hostel so people can take a picture with it every minute. Foreign exchange shops are located in nearby malls that are literally within 1,000 steps or less.  This provides you with great access to just about every thing.

And how much better would your stay in The Philippines be more fun than to put more money in your wallet while staying with us at Crossroads?

The opportunity last for only so long. Grab the chance today.
The opportunity last for only so long. Grab the chance today.

We’re slashing per night cost from PhP500/night to PhP300/night only up until June 30 this year. That’s a whopping 40% discount off the cost! That means you can buy more souvenirs for you and your loved and perhaps more food in your tummy to experience the savory flavors of foods in the Philippines you can buy.

This is our way not just to help our country get more people to enjoy the country but that there will be more Backpackers we can help so they can enjoy The Philippines a lot more.

With that kind of price and the service you will get, it’s definitely a Summer Giveaway, Getaway!

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