Malaysians Re-Discovers Philippines as ‘Truly Fun’

The Philippine Tourism Department's homework is paying off
The Philippine Tourism Department’s homework is paying off

Thanks to our Tourism Department’s robust campaign in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysians are fast discovering that it is truly more fun in The Philippines. Guest arrivals from that neighboring country peaked in 2012 earning it the 10th spot in the most number of tourists from a nation of origin, up from the 11th spot. South Koreans still hold the top spot with Americans holding firmly on the second place but the Malaysians grew unexpectedly making us think that there’s more to see in The Philippines than what they probably already know.

Malaysia’s very popular tourism campaign “Malaysia, Truly Asia” has raised a lot of curiosity from Westerners following a very intense campaign that started in 1999 that brought in more than seven million tourists and helping it dodge the world economic crisis in 2008.

It will be noted, though, that Malaysian’s favorite gateway destination aside from Manila, Clark, and Cebu is the City of Davao, which is home to the country’s Monkey-eating Eagle. Davao, dubbed as the most “Livable City” is home to other tourism destinations like The Philippine Eagle Foundation and Nature Center, Mt. Apo, and The Pearl Farm Resort to name a few.
Rounding up the Top 10 Sources of Tourist Arrivals in the Country for 2012 are:

  1. Korea (832,437)
  2. United States (534,899)
  3. Japan (341,676)
  4. China (215,814)
  5. Taiwan (188,862)
  6. Australia (147,237)
  7. Singapore (111,200)
  8. Hongkong (98,967)
  9. Canada (96,089)
  10. Malaysia (91,230) Up by almost 22%!


We wrote this post because of this news we saw today from RAPPLER

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