What’s in a Name?

Change is the only thing that’s constant and it is good. We’re gonna give you some sneak peek into what’s we’re doing to your new Hostel in The Philippines.

Chinese Love Dapitan

The Chinese can’t get enough of our charm here in The Philippines. Media personalities and journalists recently visited Dapitan City and they can’t believe this country have more to offer. It’s More Fun In The Philippines.

Conde Nast Traveller Gives Philippines a Push

The Philippines gained more respect when critically acclaimed travel magazine Conde Nast Traveller gave the country an exceptional review telling readers that it is one of The Destinations for 2013. Read more.

Touring The Philippines you can Afford

What better way to travel The Philippines this year than with having a personal touch to it. Leave those tour buses behind and jump on the exciting and affordable tour trips 7107 Island Tours offers today!

Taxes Out, More Tourists In!

The Philippine Government will remove the last remaining taxes levied on mainstream airlines the has become the tourism industry’s burden in bringing in more visitors in the country.