2013 Long Weekend List

Adventure waits
Adventure waits

Now you know when to plan your vacation days, it’s now time to plan your long weekend vacation days so you can save up more and plan ahead.

Long Weekends

  1. February 23 – 25 (EDSA Revolution Anniversary Weekend)
  2. March 28 – 31 (Holy Week Weekend)
  3. August 9 – 11 (Eid Ul Fitr Weekend)
  4. August 24 – 26 (National Heroes Day Weekend)
  5. November 1 – 3 (All Saints Day Weekend)
  6. December 28 – January 1 (Rizal Day, New Year’s Day Weekend)

These are weekends that need more planning because you need to file an extra day of Vacation Leave from your work to enjoy four to five straight days of vacation time.

Possible Long Weekends

  1. October 12 – 15 (Eid Ul Adha Weekend, Oct 14 (Monday) Work day)
  2. December 21 – 25 (Christmas Day Weekend, Dec 23 (Monday) Possible Work day)

If you want to see the rest of our weekends here in The Philippines, click here.

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