If in Case you Need a Place to Stay

Why spend US$75/night (or more!) on a luxury room in a hotel when luxury – in The Philippines – can be found in the sights, sounds, and the memories you will remember forever about Metro Manila and surrounding beaches and resorts nearby?

Rest easy and save more!
Rest easy and save more!

“Saving more to experience more” seems to be my battle cry when it comes to traveling to places you will take pictures and videos of your tours and adventures. I remember our trip to Europe and the help I got from my brother back in 2011. He said to stay in a Hostel or Bed and Breakfast (B&B) places in Rome so we can save more money for other things. I was hesitant at first but I can’t complain too because my mom was paying for my family’s trip as well. So off we went to see Italy and we made it all worth it because we saved a lot of Euros just by staying in a B&B place. Imagine not enjoying Italy or Singapore fearing you won’t be able to enjoy the food, the destinations, and the warmth of people themselves.

Hostels or B&B homes are your regular homes. The same places you and I lived in when we were little but the only difference is, it’s now turned to something more useful for visiting tourists and guests.

I turned that experience into what Crossroads Hostel is for our visiting guests. Rooms are air-conditioned, beds are like the ones I grew up on and the hospitality is none like Filipinos are known for. What best is, I’ve served all my guests personal hot breakfast meals and that is what I’m training my staff to do so you get the best quality for your money.

You just don’t save a lot but you expand the worth and value of your money and your stay. This way, you bring home more souvenirs, more stories, and more memories about The Philippines and yes, Crossroads Hostel too if you like.


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