Hello, 2013!

Happy New Year from all of us at Crossroads Hostel!

Curtain Call!

We just installed a new feature in some of our beds in the Hostel. We want to share it with you but you need to close your eyes and don’t open ’em until we say so…but then again, who cares. JUST CLICK and see!

Fun Hostels Around the World

Watch what Hostels are and give you a whole new, if not a different, view of what these thrifty but high value places can do for you to enjoy more memories of countries and places you visit all over the world.

2013 Long Weekend List

Long Weekends…what are you waiting for? Have a good time with your family and then friends. There’s nothing more satisfying than planning ahead your trips because you save more in the process. Plan your vacation today!

List of 2013 Philippine Holidays (Unofficially)

We’re helping you plan your vacation today by listing down The Philippines’ 2013 official and special holidays. Bookmark this and start planning your vacation – before it even gets started!

If in Case you Need a Place to Stay

Spend less but not for comfort and peace of mind so you can invest more for the memories you will create when you travel to different sights and sounds of The Philippines. Find it here in Crossroads Hostel!