Guinness: Philippines Claims Largest Captive Croc

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Crossroads learned that The largest Crocodile in captivity can now be found in The Philippines. The Guinness World Record confirmed that ‘Lolong’ – the name villagers gave the croc – took the top spot away from an Australian saltwater crocodile that measured 17 feet (5 meters) only. Lolong, who measured 20.24 feet (6.17 meters), can be found in the southern island of Mindanao in the town of Bunawan, Agusan del Sur. The town is getting a lot of fame and has earned about PhP3 Million (US$71,000.00) since the gigantic reptile was captured in September 2011. The mayor said most of the income went in to feeding Lolong and the upkeep of the park that houses the crocodile. The crocodile, though not an endangered specie, is prized for its leather and this latest proclamation of Guinness will focus on the importance of the town’s biodiversity and the need to protect it. Villages still believe that there’s a repltile larger than Lolong when another saltwater reptile was seen escaping after the latter was captured.

Crossroads invite you to backpack in the southern island of Mindanao not just to see the mammoth-like creature but to enjoy the vast marshlands and wetlands of Agusan del Sur, which is a haven for mountain trekkers who discovered the beauty of Bega, Gibong, and Binaba Falls just to name a few.

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