If they’re excited so are we in The Philippines

Crossroads Hostel noted that budget airlines, Airasia, started flying Filipino passengers to Kuala Lumpur, Saturday, June 9, to expand its business and operations in Southeast Asia. Filipinos own a major stake in this Malaysian airline brand and it will further capitalize on the momentum of bringing in more tourists to the country.
To date, Malaysia accounts for 32,363 tourists or the eleventh biggest source of visitors in the country in the first quarter of this year. So far, the number of Malaysians going to the Philippines increased by almost 75% since 2009 and it seems there’s no stopping them from finding out why it’s more fun in the Philippines.
We are excited to see more Malaysians in the country who can see their Malaysian Ringgit’s value multiply in a country that is known for it’s hospitality. Crossroads Hostel is a perfect place to receive Malaysian travelers who want to discover what is in store for them in a country that may not be truly Asia but it’s definitely more fun than anything they have experienced.

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