Dare to stare with a Tarsier

The first thing that caught my attention was the engaging of what seemed like the 70s Disco-era beat then a techno-sounding voice of who I thought was Apl.D.Ap of Black Eyed Peas (Also Filipino!) repeatedly saying, “It’s more fun in the Philippines, It’s more fun…”
I couldn’t believe that this 30-second ad is what my country is playing now in CNN showcasing the memes of a viral campaign the Department of Tourism started months ago that caught a lot of Filipinos’ fancy. The ad is indeed fun and it poses an intriguing question to suspecting travelers who have yet to discover the country’s appeal and charm, “What will you come up with?”
So why stand in the sidelines? Play this ad over and over and dive into what you can uncover and tell us what you think of fun in the Philippines mean. Book your travel to the Philippines now and add Crossroads Hostel to your plans and save more while you savor the allure of this country.

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