Tourists trust tighter security at NAIA

Expect passengers to feel safer and more secured when they travel to the Philippines this year. The Philippine government wants to get the US Federal Aviation Administration’s (USFAA) standard of security operations as it will introduce a two-layered security procedure in all forty-five airports in the country. Secretary Manuel Roxas explains that only twenty-one airports have state-of-the-art security machines that can check passenger baggages.
Several reports have noted the fleet population of commercial airlines flying to the country has doubled to 119 compared to sixty-two only in 2008. This means more tourists are flocking to the country to discover what the tropical nation, known for its fine, white sandy beaches and hiking trails, has to offer.
The country is also developing its medical tourism, which aims to be an alternative to those seeking elective medical procedures without costing more than they should.
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