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It’s lunchtime on the Loboc River, an emerald green stretch of water that runs through the Philippine island province of Bohol, and I’m about to embark on a boat tour with a group of Japanese, Korean and Filipino tourists. We pass a sign asking us to deposit our guns at the…

AirAsia Factor to Boost Philippine Tourism

Airasia started flying passengers to Malaysia from The Philippines. We can only get more excited to see how many more Malaysians can visit and experience why it can be more fun in the country and make it more truly Asia.

Taste our Philippines

After Mickey Mouse, Universal Studios, Beaches, Shopping, it’s food that you can’t do without and that’s what food trippers should know about the Philippines. It got what it takes to give your taste buds the fun in needs right down your belly.

Launched! Philippines Tourism TVC

What’s your fancy? Adobo? Lumpia? Pancit? Rice Terraces? Boracay? What else can you find that could be more fun in the Philippines? Watch the country’s latest tourism campaign on television that is like no other promotional material any country has ever done.

Remarkable Tourist Arrivals in First Quarter

Think no more if you’re trying to discover what The Philippines can offer. More than one million tourists arrived just in the first quarter of 2012 and no matter what weather we have in the country, the Filipinos’ hospitality is all you need for the warmth you’re looking for.

Security Intensifies in Philippine Airports

With a growing number of tourists arriving in the country, the government steps up to catch up with the security standards the world implements to guarantee passenger safety in all its forty-five airports.

Stay and Save With us on Your Medical Tour

Where can I find an inexpensive place to stay in the Philippines while I have my medical procedures done? Look no further and make us one of your options when you stay in Manila for your important medical appointment.