Mabuhay and Welcome!

Come right in!
Come right in!

Please come in. We offer thirty beds and your budget accommodations include, a pillow, a warm blanket, a personal reading light, and a towel on each bed. All beds are placed in air-conditioned rooms and all rooms are situated close to the main entrance. We have a spacious dining and lounge area with six bedrooms and the smallest room has four beds in it.

Perks include free continental breakfast, free use of Wifi Internet connectivity, Cable television, laundry facilities, Kitchen room, Baggage room facilities, heated showers. The train, bus, and taxi hub facilities are about one hundred steps away and by arrangement we can provide you with Airport Shuttle services. We also have an in-house Convenience Store for your simple grocery finds.

Our staff will always be there to help you with all your needs. They can assist you with our in-house laundry facility and even cook fresh meals for you as you buy them in a nearby grocery or fresh produce market.

So relax and enjoy the savings, safety, and convenience you will get when you check in and enjoy the adventures as you wander the fun stuff in The Philippines.

Want more privacy? Check out our California Garden Property and our Governor’s Place Property and make your stay in the Philippines as pleasant and relaxing as possible.

Crossroads Hostel is the newest guest house in downtown Metropolitan Manila. We offer not just accommodations but we also provide shuttle services to and from any location in the capital to help your travel to our country comfortable and memorable.

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  1. lance a. says:

    hi, how much is the rent for 1 month?

    1. krisatienza says:

      Lance, we are terribly sorry for the late reply. One month rent is only PhP400/night. Our profound apologies again.

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